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Wedding Timeline

Build your Wedding Timeline in 5 minutes

Answer a couple of questions and get your wedding day timeline on track with the help of AI and Garden State Bride

FAQ about our Wedding Timeline AI tool

Answer Questions: The tool will ask you a series of questions about your wedding day details. Provide accurate information to get the most helpful timeline.

Chat Interface: On the right side of the screen or bellow on mobile, there is a chat interface where you can type messages. Use this to ask for help or clarify any questions you have during the process.

Receive Your Timeline: After answering all the questions, the AI will generate a customized wedding timeline for you.

This tool is designed to simplify your wedding planning by quickly providing a detailed timeline based on your inputs.

Ceremony Details:

What time is your ceremony?

Where is it taking place?

Getting Ready:

Where will you and your partner be getting ready?

Do you want to include hair and makeup for the bridal party and yourself?


Would you prefer to take family pictures and bridal party pictures before or after the ceremony?

Any special photo requests (e.g., sunset photos, specific locations)?

Key Events:

What time is the cocktail hour?

What time does the reception start and end?

Any special traditions or events (e.g., first dance, cake cutting, speeches)?

Special Requests:

Any additional events or elements you want to include in your timeline? (e.g., a special moment of reflection, surprise performances)

Once the user completes the questionnaire, their data is securely transmitted to ChatGPT for processing. This involves the following steps:

Encryption: The user's responses are encrypted to ensure the data remains secure during transmission.

API Communication: The encrypted data is sent via API to ChatGPT's servers, where it is processed to generate a customized wedding timeline.

Timeline Generation: ChatGPT processes the user's data and creates a personalized wedding timeline. This timeline is then sent back to the tool for display.

Data Display: The generated timeline is presented to the user within the tool's interface.

Data Deletion: If the user decides to clear the chat

This process ensures that user data is handled securely and only retained for the necessary duration to provide the requested service.


This tool is free for all our users. Please use it at your will. As with any AI not all the answers are correct so use your best judgement.

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