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How do rewards work ?

🌟 Welcome to the Garden State Bride Rewards Extravaganza! 🌟

Hey there, fabulous Garden State Brides! We’re about to turn your journey with us into a garden of delights with our bloomin’ amazing Rewards Point System. Picture this: Every click, comment, and contribution catapults you into a world where your loyalty isn’t just appreciated—it’s celebrated!

🌺 Bridal Blossoms (Registration): 10 Points
Sign up, and voila! 10 points are yours. It’s like planting the seeds for a fantastic flower garden of rewards.

💑 Anniversary Adoration: 10 Points
Celebrate another year of matrimonial bliss with us, and we’ll celebrate YOU with a sweet 10 points.

🏡 Daily Strolls in the Garden: 1 Point per Visit
Come by daily for a stroll in our digital garden, and earn a point each time. It’s like watering your loyalty garden a bit every day.

📝 Content Cultivators: Up to 100 Points 
Blossom into a content creator! Share your wedding stories, advice, or DIY hacks and watch the points bloom, up to a whopping 100!

💬 Chatty Petals (Comments): 1 Point Each 
Your words are petals, and we want to collect them! Drop a comment, share the love, and get a point for each bloomin’ word.

🌐 Referral Roots: 30 Points Each 
Spread the love like pollen in the wind! Refer a friend, and both of you get 30 points each. It’s like a mutual garden of growth!

📱 Social Butterfly: 5 Points per Share 
Share the Garden State Bride magic on your socials, and watch your points flutter in! 5 points for each share—it’s social gardening at its finest.

🎮 Pac-Man Power Play: Up to 10 Points 
Time for some fun! Play Pac-Man on our site and gobble up those points—up to 10. It’s gaming with a side of rewards!

🎁 Harvest Your Rewards: Cash or Prizes! 
Now, here’s the best part. Your hard-earned points can be redeemed for CASH or delightful awards. Yes, you read that right—CASH! It’s like harvesting the fruits of your loyalty garden.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the Garden State Bride experience, earn those points, and let’s cultivate a garden of memories together! 🌼👰💐

How can you redeem them?

To redeem points, there are two options available: 

  • via Bank Transfer
  • via Stripe Connect

Once you fill in a form to withdraw your points, the process takes 7-10 business days.

The points you redeem are automatically withdrawn from your total.

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