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As a business owner and as an advertiser on multiple platforms, I decided to create one platform where we can get the best out of the rest of them while cutting through the noise of advertising and other businesses.

That`s how the idea of Garden State Bride came to be, and this is what we have created so far:

  • expanded listings that bring the best of a wedding directory. We included photos, videos and online bookings
  • connected posts: eveytime when a bride, photographer or videographer posts a real wedding, real engagement or other content, you get automatically tagged and that content appears under your inspiration tab of your listing
  • real customers that you can communicate with directly without a multitude of layers between you and them
  • groups onto which you can reply to brides or reach to them directly
  • no spam: every user has a limit to how many messages, replies, comments they can post hourly to not overwhelmed brides
  • no yearly contracts: we all hate being stuck paying for something so all our listings are monthly if you choose to have a advertising post
  • always improving: we are a smaller company then the giants out there which means we are looking for your feedback and we are constantly adding new features.

Sounds good? Here are some of the fantastic things you can do on our platform

  • Create your listing and have complete control over it
  • Communicate directly with brides and grooms, see when your messages are received and when you are being ghosted 🙂 
  • Share images, videos, and brochures and even connect your online booking system to be able to get appointments directly trough our platform
  • Add your top 5 reviews to build credibility for your brand
  • Post updates and news relevant to the brides and grooms directly via your Brand Page, similar to a timeline on Facebook, and be seen on your brides news feed
  • And so many more things are coming in the future

As always, we look forward in hearing your feedback and ideas to grow the platform


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